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As a phone carrier, what Skyetel offers is disruptively competitive and innovative with an old-fashioned commitment to service. It has the small-but-mighty independent streak that can only be pulled off through unmistakable excellence.

When my young ambitious college friend—the one I used to play that Risk board game with, and lose—asked me to create the brand identity for his little startup, I didn’t imagine he’d be selling it a decade later and buying his third house. Not to mention that custom wine cellar.

Why Skye? The iconic Scottish isle embodied the spirit of his venture: epic, authentic, inspiring. For a company by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, freedom was the vibe. The image of the phone tower provides a nod to the beloved old world, while the rest of the brand’s aesthetic pushes the neon energy of new possibilities in tech. 

In the beginning, we needed the company to look established, more than it was at the time. I’m so pleased that it’s grown to truly be as good as it looks.