Hello — I'm Peter, a designer, photographer, writer, and nice person based in Oregon.

Geo? — That's short for George. Or Geo-graphic/metric/logic.

If you're in a situation where you have to wait, where does your attention go?

I've always noticed the constant visual and verbal messages coming at us from all directions: the colors, shapes, typography, and language packaging our cultural experiences from our clothing to our food. There's a psychology to creative marketing, an art, and it's kind of magic. So I've been involved in that for a while now, through growing competence in a range of disciplines.

But I'm most interested in branding, because it gets at the heart of a company's identity and how to communicate it visually, at a glance. My work is helping business owners share their story and attract the right audience. I'm as strategic as I am creative and like to adapt to the unique needs of a project, especially if I get to learn something.

Above all, I enjoy working with good people and promoting things I believe in.

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"An interesting plainness is the most difficult and precious thing to achieve."

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

⚑ A geo-graphic bio

Place is a major influence for me, and that started with growing up in Europe. I'm a Southern Californian who spent my childhood in small-town, alpine France and went to high school in Germany near Basel, Switzerland. There was a brilliant contrast there—an old world, historical environment overlaid with the booming global tech, culture, and design of the 90s and early 2000s.

Public design (transportation, architecture, advertising) and the novelty of the internet in my developmental years instilled a strong appreciation in me for visual communication as the ultimate common language.

I came back to the U.S. to study graphic design in the Los Angeles area (2004-2008), which was a delightful culture shock as I immersed myself in the profoundly eclectic art and music scene.

Almost as an opposite influence and palate cleanser, I lived in New England (Providence, RI and Portland, ME) for a few years before returning to the west (best) coast—I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and have been based in Portland, OR since 2013.

Once I honed in some graphic and web design skills through work at an agency, I was able to work independently and go for that young millennial dream of being a digital nomad: I traveled and worked from coffee shops in places like Berlin, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai.

The traveling freelancer thing can be isolating, so back in Portland I started my own business with a friend. We called it Constellate, and we ran a full service creative agency for a few years.

I'm currently independent, with a whole variety of experiences and skills to offer in whatever form that needs to take. Travel and nature are a constant way to stay adaptable and inspired, which is so helpful for creative projects.

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